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About Sgt. Dave Walker

See Him on A&E's First 48


Sgt. Walker's homicide team is featured on A&E First 48.  

Other Television Experience:

Sgt. Walker has been a guest on Fox TV Crime Watch Daily 

Supervised International known Murder investigations the Good Friday Killer and the Fairmont Terrace Quad Murder

 Now Targeting writer's and writing conferences that have a law enforcement component 

Please contact to book Sgt. Dave Walker  for your next media project as an motivational speaker or keynote speaker as an expert in police training

Professional Speaker


Sgt. Dave Walker has spoken at numerous conferences, seminars & events across the country. The Topics that are covered are 

Prevention, Investigation,

 Innovation & Community.

 Motivation comes in many forms and goes by many names. But Dave Walker has overcome adversity, beat the odds, achieved goals and learned from failures. He looks forward to sharing that with your organization, team, and your colleagues at your next event. 


A team is made of individuals  doing great things together. 

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Educational Trainer


With over 34 years on the Police Force, Sgt. Dave Walker has learned how to train others, learn from others and share his knowledge with everyone he meets. 

In his training sessions, 

you and your team 

will learn the following: 

  • Prepare for and Prevent Victimization
  • Succeed when odds are against a positive outcome
  • Find new uses for tried and true practices 
  • Understand we are only limited by our own mindsets. 

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About Sgt. Dave Walker

Sgt. Dave Walker's Story


From Izmir Turkey, where I caught my first burglar in 1965, to the  leader of the Tulsa Homicide Squad I have had many memorable experiences.  In 1982 Dr. Hammack, of New York University fame, suggested I memorialize my escapades so 35 years later I can have a TOUR.

Growing up in North St. Louis my activities were sports.  I quarterbacked the number 1 large school team in MO in 1977 with athletes that received college scholarships and some 

that  played professionally. the  result a  .500 season.

No scholarships for me so off to the University of Central Missouri State where I learned a lot about how not to do things and survived with the help of the Sigma Phi Epsilon's three principles of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love.

Graduated in 1981 and was employed by Tulsa Police in 1982. Seven years in  patrol led to promotion to Sgt. in 1989.  10 years undercover, led to a career in Burglary, Robbery, police training and Homicide.
My Wife, Three sons, seven grand kids, keeps me grounded.  Hard work and the  desire to succeed can make up  for raw talent.

A Philosophy for the Future | Save The 6 Year-Old

We are only limited by the things that we allow to limit us. To change a Generation we must win this one. As someone who loves to coach and teach lessons through sports, the save the 6 year old program allows Sgt. Walker to work with youth on how to value themselves, respect others and make choices that positively impact the rest of their lives and their communities. 

Workshops and Keynotes

As an experienced motivational speaker and in police training, Sgt. Dave Walker  will bring new perspective and connection to your next event. Contact me, and we can design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today as your keynote speaker


See Sgt. Dave Walker in Action |

Featured on A&E's First 48

Dave Walker Announces Retirement

Learn More about Sgt Dave Walker's Career with Tulsa Police Department and as a motivational speaker in all matters of police training.

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